Close the enterprises! And open the gardens!

In my heart-vision I see how all cities are green again

Gardens everywere! Every urban area is getting green, people plant flowers, fruits and vegetables, so that every person of the city is feeded, nourrished with healthy food...

The people do not work in offices anymore, they work outside in the gardens and they plant trees, trees for giving healthy air back to the cities

Children and people from every nation are laughing and enjoying time together in the nature of the cities...

The big buildings, who are not in use anymore are disapearing again and the materials of these old buildings are used to build Tiny Houses, Garden Houses and Houses for Families as City-Country-Residences with their own gardens

Omsurya Sandra, 29.03.2020 at 22.33 o'clock

Peaceful Ways

Dreams of the heart:

I dream a world where there is: All people seeking for true happiness , money doesn’t matter because sharing is the way to go.

In this world, an hour of labour is valued the same if you are cleaning or solving a technical problem, it is the effort that counts. People helping each other according to their talent and everybody’s talent is recognized as a valuable asset.

In school you learn the important things of life: which plants you can eat, how to communicate in a peaceful way, what your core talent is, mission in life and how to develop it. You also learn that that the star constellations has a deeper meaning and that ideas are from the universe we are all connected with.

In this world everybody are willing to take responsibility for their actions and face the impact of it on others.

Decisions are made with a view on the longrun. Honesty to yourself and others are valued as one of the most important.

Everybody is recognized and apprciated in their uniqueness.

In this world love is an act of giving instead of taking. Taking does not longer exists as the opposite of giving, it is replaced by receiving.

Big hug

Geert, 30.03.2020 at 11.04 o'clock

harmonious society

Envisioning a loving, compassionate and harmonious society thrills my Soul

and I practice just that daily while gardening now and radiating love into the collective.

People working together to create and manifest new structures, communities and organizations for the good and benevolence of all involved.

I see new ways of resolving issues where the people have the voice and governmental structure changing accordingly to meet the benevolence for all Beings.

Love, gratitude, and more love will create a joyful society and much happiness will propel us to a better functioning world where new technologies will astound us each new day.

SO IT IS .............

Patricia L., 29.03.2020 at 23.45 o'clock


Picture-Vision, Painting from Ruben D.

Picture-Vision, Painting from Ruben D.

Raising Together

My heart vision is:

The next incarnation of the Earth will be free from fossil fuels.

Not only will there be mass expansion of solar and wind, but the magnetic energy field will be implemented globally.

The free energy of gravity which surrounds us all will free humanity from the matrix of our current monetary system.

Communities will return to sustainable agriculture.

There will be an expansion of cooperative communities of like minded people, raising their children together.

The individual is loved be all persons in their immediate community, in much the same way that a healthy parent loves a child.

All peoples will gradually blend to become one humanity, growing ever closer to an age of light and everlasting life.

Robert E., 30.03.2020 at 04.33 o'clock